To log into a library computer, use your Alfred University username and password. If you do don't have a username and password, ask for help at the library's front desk.


All of the computers in Herrick include the Microsoft Office 2010 product suite (Access, Excel, Picture Manager, Media Player, Outlook, and Publisher), Adobe Reader, Internet browsers, and the PaperCut printing client.

Additional software is included on computers on the Herrick labs. You can see a list of software available in the Herrick computer labs (as well as in other labs across campus) here.

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Desktop Computers

Desktop computers are available in the following locations:

* In the Learning Commons on the first floor (8 computers).

* In the computer lab on the first floor (16 computers).

* In the 24-hour study room on the ground floor (12 computers).

* In the periodicals area on the ground floor (3 computers).

* Scattered through Herrick are four 'look-up' computers that can be used to access the online catalog. One is located on the ground floor, one on the first floor, and two on the second floor.

Laptop Computers

Herrick has 20 laptops that can be checked out for two-hour, in-libray user. Laptops are available at the front desk during the hours when the library is open.

ITS's Equipment Lending Program, on the  3rd floor of Perlman Hall, lends laptops that can be used anywhere on campus, and for longer periods of time.

Kurzweil Computer

A computer with Kurzweil 3000 software and a scanner, is available on the first floor of Herrick Library. Kurzweil 3000 is a software program for people who are visually impaired or have reading or learning difficulties. Herrick offers this service in cooperation with the Special Academic Services. Persons with questions regarding the Kurzweil workstations, or other services for students with disabilities, can contact the office of Special Academic Services at 607-871-2148. 

Saving Computer Files

The best way to save computer files in the library is to save them to your space on the U: drive. Files saved to the U: drive can be accessed from any computer on campus.

To save files to the U: drive, go to Save As, My Computer, and select your U: drive. The U: drive can also be accessed from http://my.alfred.edu (look for the link in upper left-hand corner to My U:Drive). Use your Alfred username and password to login.

Another option is to send documents to yourself via email attachment (many of the library's databases have an option to email an article to yourself).

Finally, you can use USB flash drives on most of the library's computers.

Note that all work is deleted from laptops when they are returned to the front desk.