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Background Information

Leon Sherman "Sherm" Greene was born in Alfred, NY to Arthur B. Greene and Mary Ennis Sherman Greene. The family home, located at 123 North Main Street in Alfred, was built by Arthur Greene circa 1887. Leon attended elementary and high school in Alfred and then earned his bachelor’s degree in 1913 at Alfred University. He earned a master’s degree at the University of Wisconsin where he was later on the faculty; at one time he was also on the faculty at the University of Florida. At the time of his death, Leon was a member of the Alfred University Board of Trustees. As written by his daughter, Doria Greene Abbott, in The History of Alfred (1990, pg. 194), he was "a devoted husband, kind father, an author of educational textbooks, government administrator, Trustee of Alfred University, land developer of the ‘College Heights’ area located in the vicinity of Greene and Hillcrest Drive [in Alfred], artist painter and carpenter."


Items in Collection

Items #1 – #17 are original oil paintings of various sizes. Item #18 is a clock.


[Descriptions are transcribed exactly as the donor, Doria Greene Abbott (L.S. Greene’s daughter) wrote them in order to preserve some historical information. Unless noted otherwise, all paintings were done by Leon Sherman Greene.]


"Sunday Morning in the Cabin" is the title. The original is in the Corcoran Art Gallery. Mary L. Greene, an art professor with Alfred University, painted this copy of the original. The original was a Winslow Homer painting. This copy was given to my father, Leon Sherman Greene, and wife Marcia Beulah Greene. Date on back says 1880 (probably when Mary L. Greene painted it). It is a picture of two dark-skinned people.


This painting portrays home in the distance with two ducks waddling along the road.


"The Old Mill" This picture was a child’s picture (commercial) in a coloring book but never colored by a child. Dad, my father L.S.G., liked it so much that he painted it with his idea of what the colors should be and then framed it with his own hand-carved frame.


"Mother on Horseback" Beulah Marcia Greene in front of our colonial home in Arlington, Virginia.


Birch trees on a lake painted.


Cowboy leading animals carrying packs into a stream of water.


Picture of two dogs, an English Setter and a black and white dog, walking through the meadow beside a stream of water. The meadow was probably behind L.S. Greene’s home at 123 N. Main St., Alfred, NY.


Small picture of pine trees in the foreground, a lake with a sail-boat. A scene from the University of Wisconsin campus where L.S. Greene taught and earned his Master’s degree.


A painting of the head of an English Setter named "Lassie." Lassie was the beloved dog of the Leon Sherman Greene and Marcia Beulah L. Greene family. The precious Lassie was killed on N. Main Street not far from the Greene home at 123 N. Main St. Alfred, N.Y.


A hunter is pulling a thorn from his English Setter’s paw. Head of English Setter is almost turned backward watching another dog (brown/white) heading up the hill of meadow.


A small picture of a home in the distance but this one has no ducks. A miniature of #2 without the ducks.


A small picture of two hunters aiming at a flying bird- probably a duck- beside a lake. Marsh is in foreground.


Large painting of 2 hunting dogs. A white English Setter and a brown/white dog in a meadow. Meadow is probably behind the Greene home at 123 N. Main St., Alfred, N.Y.


Called the "Three Sisters" because of the three identical snow-covered mountains. Artist is Mary L. Greene, art professor at Alfred University.


Sherman Coat of Arms, representing the artist’s family heritage.


Greene Coat of Arms, representing the artist’s family heritage.


Laymon Coat of Arms, representing the artist’s wife’s family heritage (Marcia B. Laymon).


Clock [In 1918}, Leon Sherman Greene designed and carved the dark walnut cabinet and hand- made the face of the clock and installed a Seth Thomas works. He made another one for another college. I remember seeing it displayed as a "wedding clock" but don’t remember where this was- at one of the colleges he was an instructor.

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