The following collections and informational links represent a small fraction of material available in the University Archives. Please feel free to contact the archives if you have a question that’s not answered by the information found here.

Alfred Sun Newspaper

Published since 1883, the Alfred Sun is the local newspaper for the town and village of Alfred. This collection contains issues since 2010 (newest issues appear after 3 months). Older issues (1884-1980) can be searched on the Fulton History website.

  Alfred Year Book/Annual Reports

These “year books,” published from 1897 – 1946, are annual reports from various offices and colleges of the University.


Information related to different awards given by Alfred University.


  Campus History and Student Life

This collection highlights a wide spectrum of information relating to the history of Alfred University and its students. Much more is available in the University Archives Collection.

Campus Publications


St Pats 1964


General information on traditional campus events like Homecoming, Hot Dog Day, and St. Patrick’s Day. More in-depth details and photographs can be accessed through the University Archives.


Unpublished genealogies on Alfred area families.

  Informational Links


A sampling of biographical information on faculty, alumni, and staff of Alfred University.

  Student Handbooks

These “Freshmen Bibles,” as they were traditionally called, include information about student rules and regulations, student organizations, faculty, general campus information, etc. for much of the 20th century at Alfred University.

Alfred 1880s

  Village and Town History

Since the University and its history are closely connected to the village and town of Alfred, it’s important to include related material from the archive collection.