alma mater sm







Nestled away 'mid the Empire State hills,

'Neath the watch-care of sentinel pines,

Where the murmuring song of the brook hums along,

And a favoring sun ever shines;

In a valley so fair where the forest trees share

Dominion o'er hillside and glen,

Stands the pioneer college of Western New York

Alfred, we hail thee again.


Hail to thee Alfred, thou guide of our youth,

Sweet benign mother, all hail!

Sing out thy anthems of duty and truth;

May thy clear ringing music ne'er fail.

Verse 2:

She was founded in toil, cemented with blood,

And nurtured thro' yearnings and tears,

Her treasure the hearts of brave heroes who stood

Undaunted throughout trying years;

Each stone was a prayer and her battlements there

Have mem'ries of purposes strong,

Staunch daughters and sons are her monuments fair,

And they lift up the grateful song.

Verse 3:

Others may boast of prestige and size,

Of numbers and treasures and fame

But Alfred's pride lies in the manhood's clear eyes,

And womanhood's high stainless name.

O Alfred, dear Alfred, thy fame will abide

With Kenyon and Allen and Main,

With Davis and Titsworth, now Norwood and Walters, today,

Her honor and power maintain.

 - Words and music by Lester C. Randolph. Arranged by Ray W. Wingate.

 Note: The Alma Mater, originally written in 1900, has been revised several times, the last being in 1987. Today, only the first verse and the chorus are sung.