Exhibits are a valuable part of Herrick Library’s outreach efforts. Exhibits inform, educate, highlight accomplishments, provide opportunities for the public to view art and artifacts, promote the Library’s resources and services, and, at times, entertain. Herrick welcomes opportunities to engage in collaborative projects with members of the Alfred University community.


  • Promote the library, its collections, resources, and services within the Alfred University community
  • Provide opportunities to view art and artifacts
  • Encourage intellectual, aesthetic, and creative growth
  • Educate the university community on particular topics
  • Encourage individuals to contribute to the expansion of knowledge
  • Support university events, programs, activities, and accomplishments
  • Promote university and community relations

Displays should support the library’s goal of “advancing the University's teaching and research mission, providing the University community with the services, resources and facilities needed to support intellectual exploration and expansion of knowledge.”

The library welcomes exhibit proposals from the Alfred University community. In considering proposals, the following criteria will apply. The library reserves the right to approve or deny exhibit requests and to make final decisions regarding exhibit duration and placement within the library.

Criteria for Selection

  • Educational and informational content, relevance to library collections, and broadness of appeal
  • Appropriateness for intended library location and ease of installation
  • Uniqueness of materials or artifacts
  • Relationship to other events in the community
  • When the topic is controversial, a balanced presentation is desired
  • Does not primarily or solely promote the partisan political, religious, or social doctrines of any single person or group
  • Does not serve a commercial purpose (exceptions may be made for fundraisers for charitable organizations)
  • Satisfies public safety considerations

Other requirements:

  • Exhibits must be installed during the library’s normal hours, at a time pre-arranged with the library exhibit coordinator.
  • Exhibitor will prepare all labeling/signage for the exhibit, which will include information identifying the sponsoring individual/group.
  • Exhibitors assume all responsibility for loss or damage to items.
  • Exhibitor must make arrangements to remove items at the close of the exhibit. The library reserves the right to take down the exhibit if the party responsible does not remove the items in a timely manner. The library assumes no responsibility for items that are left in the library after the exhibition has closed.
  • The exhibitor must return the exhibit area to its original condition.

Exhibit proposals should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., using the Exhibit Proposal Form. Proposal should be submitted at least four weeks prior to the proposed exhibition start date.

In addition to the requirements outlined here, exhibits must also conform to the library's Reservations/Events Policy.