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    Published Family Genealogies
[Located in the Alfred Collection]

Title:Babcock Genealogy
Author: Babcock, Stephen M.A.
Year: 1903
Description: A compilation of family genealogy that begins with James Badcock (Babcock), a settler of Portsmouth, R.I. in 1642, and includes records of about two thousand families that are direct descendants of James Badcock (up to the eleventh generation).

Title:Genealogy of Rasselas Wilcox Brown and Mary Potter Brownell Brown: Their Descendants and Ancestral Lines
Author: Brown, Isaac Brownell
Year: 1921
Description: Part One of the volume includes a record of Rasselas Wilcox Brown and Mary Potter Brownell Brown and their descendants. Part Two covers the lineage from which the Brown family has descended, beginning with the first Emigrant to America and including twenty ancestral lines.

Title:The Descendants of Robert Burdick of Rhode Island
Author: Johnson, Nellie Willard Pd. B.
Year: 1937
Description: A compilation of the first ten generations of descendants of Robert Burdick. Includes the origin of the Burdick name, information about Robert Burdick, appendix and corrections.

Title:Routes to Roots: The Burdick Family Chronology
Author: Mueller, Frank P.
Year: 1982
Description: A complete genealogical chronology beginning with the evolution of the Burdick surname, covering all Burdick connections and emigrations (beginning with Nobles in England, Normandy, and Norwegian Vikings over 1,000 years ago). Includes information about the Seventh Day Baptist Church, accomplished Burdicks (authors, etc.), places/things named for Burdicks and much more.

Title:The Ancestors and Descendants of The Rev’d Henry Clarke and his Wife, Catherine Pendleton, of Madison County, New York
Author: Van Deventer, Cyrus Clarke
Year: 1902
Description: The chronology covers pedigrees, English ancestors, immigration to America, additions and corrections. Names included: Carew Clarke, Thomas Clarke, John Clarke, Joseph Clarke, Samuel Hubbard, James Babcock, George Lawton, Nicholas Cottrell, Brian Pendleton, Edmund Goodenow, William Potts, Christopher Avery, and Jeffrey Champlin.

Title:History of the Cornelius Family in America
Author: Cornelius, Charles S. & E. Frances
Year: 1926
Description: Contains a history of the surname from 212 B.C. and a complete genealogical chart from 1639 to 1926, with affiliated families in direct line. Also includes short stories, biographical sketches, and illustrations.

Title:An American Family in the Twentieth Century: The Autobiography of Jeannette M. and William B. Cottrell
Author: Cottrell, Jeannette Elizabeth Milnes & Cottrell, William Barber
Year: 1987
Description: A history of the family of Jeannette and William Cottrell, beginning with a brief look at their ancestry (back as far as their great-grandparents). The main section of the book includes a chronological history of their lives (up until spring of 1986) and ends with a review of two generations of their descendants.

Title:Elder John Crandall of Rhode Island and his Descendants
Author: Crandall, John Cortland
Year: 1949
Description: Includes information about the Coat of Arms, the Pawcatuk Village, Crandall Etymology, illustrations, immigration of Elder John Crandall and his activities, and the first eleven generations of the Crandall family.

Title:One Crandall Family: 1651-1996
Author: Park, Alice Crandall
Year: 1996
Description: Chronicles a family history beginning with John Crandall, going through the next three generations to Henry Sprague Crandall and four generations of his descendants. Includes information about the modern generations, notable colonial ancestors, and pedigree charts.

Title:Nathaniel Crocker: His Descendants and Ancestors
Author: Crocker, Henry G.
Year: 1923
Description: Part One of the chronology includes a complete register of the descendants of Nathaniel Crocker (up until 1923). The register has 462 names. Part Two is made up of the ancestry of Nathaniel Crocker and Mehitable Lewis, as far back as the first emigration to America on the Mayflower.

Title:100 Short Stories: 1898-2001
Author: Davis, Stanley F.
Year: 2001
Description: This is a series of short stories written by the author about the first forty years of his life. In the introduction Davis states that he began the compilation of memoirs after taking a class about life writing (a class he took nine times) after he had retired.

Title:Davis Genealogy (Volumes I and II)
Author: Davis, Thomas Clayton
Year: Unknown- written by Davis, but printed and indexed later by John Fitz Randolph for the Seventh Day Baptist Historical Society
Description: A record of the descendants of William Davis (1663-1745) who emigrated to America from Glamorganshire, Wales. Portions of the first volume had been printed in The Alfred Sun from 1945-1948, but the rest was never published until the death of Thomas Clayton Davis, at which time the material was left to Rev. Duane L. Davis of the Seventh Day Baptist Church, who later had it printed.

Title:Furrows of the Land
Author: Daland, Nellie Furrow
Year: 1976
Description: This book is a record of one family’s participation in the Westward migration of the early settlers. It traces the family history of the Furrows beginning with their Norwegian origins, through their migration to Virginia, on to the Ohio frontier, and finally the migration west, ultimately ending at California. The book also addresses the simultaneous westward expansion of the Seventh Day Baptist religion.

Title: The Ancestry and Descendants of Paris Green of Alfred, Allegany County, New York
Author: Greene, Maxson Frederick
Year: 1927
Description: A compilation of an extensive genealogy of the ancestry and descendants of Paris Green. It is separated into three parts; Part One consists of the Greene ancestry of Paris Green, Part Two includes a record of the descendants of Paris and Polly Green, and Part Three concerns the ancestry of Polly Green.

Title:The Greenman Family in America
Author: Greenman, Carroll W.
Year: 1979
Description: Records of the Greenman family in America beginning with John Greenman and his emigration to America from England ca. 1631. This is a record of the Greenmans of English descent, though there are separate Greenmans of the Jewish faith.

Title:Simon Kenyon of Hopkinton: 1789-1865
Author: Kenyon, Kenneth E.
Year: 1977
Description: Includes records of the descendants of Simon and Mary (Brightman) Kenyon, the story of the Walter D. and Evangeline (Canfield) Kenyon family, and ancestry traced back to the first settlers in America.

Title:American Kenyons and English Connections
Author: Kenyon, Captain Howard N.
Year: 1935
Description: Includes the history of Kenyons, information about English connections of American Kenyons, Genealogy of the American Kenyons of Rhode Island, and miscellaneous Kenyon material.

Title:Scenes, Memories, and Travels of Eighty-Two Years and Short Sketches of the Lanphear and Potter Families
Author: Lanphear, Ethan
Year: 1900
Description: A record of the author’s travels and religious experiences across the United States. Includes information about the Lanphear and Potter families.

Title:History and Genealogies of the Potter Families in America
Author: Potter, Charles Edward
Year: 1888
Description: Historical and biographical sketches of the American descendants of the Potter families. Family Lines recorded include those of Anthony Potter of Ipswich, Mass.; George Potter of Portsmouth, R.I.; George Potter of Lancaster, England; Ichabod Potter of Portsmouth, R.I.; John and Wm. Potter of New Haven, Conn.; Martin Potter of South Shields, England; Martin Potter of Philadelphia, Penn.; Nathaniel Potter of Portsmouth, R.I.; Nicholas Potter of Lynn, Mass.; and Robert Potter of Warwick, R.I.

Title:James Rogers of New London, CT., and his Descendants
Author: Rogers, James Swift
Year: 1902
Description: A compilation that includes information about the history of the Rogers family, surname, and coat of arms. Also addresses the John Rogers Bible, The Rogerenes, the Rogerene Burying Ground, and the first nine generations of James Rogers’ descendants.

Title:The Rosier-Rosebush Family with Allied Families: Burdick-Hubbard, Peckham, Sheldon, Perkins, Richmond, Finkle, and Others
Author: Rosebush, Waldo E.
Year: 1954
Description: Part One consists of family-told stories and memories, Part Two includes lineage tables of the Rosier-Rosebush family, Part Three is made up of a chronological story of the family beginning with the earliest records the author found.

Title:The Rosier-Rosebush Family with Allied Families: Burdick-Hubbard, Peckham, Sheldon, Perkins, Richmond, Finkle, and Others: Abridged Edition
Author: Rosebush, Waldo E.
Year: 1954
Description: Includes “Family Album” of photos of the “oldest and most representative group,” and family lineage of the Peckham, Burdick-Hubbard, Sheldon, Perkins, Richmond, Shipton-Shipman, Curtis, Steward, Cobb-Cass, Patten, Mcnaughton, Ward, Weller, Meyer, Barbee, Johnson, Finkle, and Rosier-Rosebush families.

Title:The Rosier-Rosebush Family with Allied Families: Burdick-Hubbard, Peckham, Sheldon, Perkins, Richmond, Finkle, and Others: Abridged Edition
Author: Rosebush, Waldo E.
Year: 1954
Description: See Above

Title:Genealogy of the Sharpless Family
Author: Cope, Gilbert
Year: 1887
Description: A record and short description of the descendants of John and Jane Sharples who settled in Chester, Pennsylvania ca. 1682 and some account of the English ancestry of the family.

Title:The Stillman Family
Author: Stillman, Francis D., Jr.
Year: 1989
Description: A record of the descendants of George Stillman, an English settler of Wethersfield, Connecticut and his oldest son, Dr. George Stillman of Westerly, Rhode Island. The book contains extensive data on both branches of the Stillman family, and a short history of the two branches.

Title:The Titsworth Family
Author: Titsworth, Will Bloss
Year: 1965
Description: The author has compiled data about the history of the Titsworths in America (and their emigrations to America) along with records of family lineages. Includes information about the English Titsworths, beginning with Golferus Tettesworth in 1034.

Title:Nicholas Utter of Westerly, Rhode Island
Author: Waterman, Katharine M. Utter & Utter, George B. and Wilfred B.
Year: 1941
Description: Contains a family tree of two particular lines within the Utter family that stem from John and William Utter of Hopkinton City, R.I. (ca. 1800) and later the Mohawk Valley.

Title:If Our Earthly House Dissolve
Author: Phelan, Helene C.
Year: 1973
Description: A story of the Wetherby-Hagadorn family of Almond, New York, compiled by the author using passages from the family’s diaries and papers. Names discussed include Berentha Chandler Hagadorn, Cornelia A. Wetherby, Harriet Judson Wetherby, William Henry Hagadorn, and Cornelia Wetherby Hagadorn.

Title:The Whitney Family of Connecticut (Volumes I, II, and III)
Author: Phoenix, S. Whitney
Year: 1878
Description: Three volumes that record the descendants (both male and female lines) of Henry Whitney. It begins with an account of the Whitney family in England ca. 1649.

    Unpublished Family Genealogies

Baker Family: Descendants of Alexander Baker, the Boston Ropemaker, 1606 – 1685. This family line includes brothers Thaddeus and Alpheus Baker who gave name to the Baker’s Bridge settlement now called Alfred Station in western New York.

Burdick Family: Compiled by Edith Marie Burdick in 1974. [available in digital repository]

Burdick Families of Alfred: Compiled by Patrician Curran in 2015, the material covers various Burdick families that live in the Alfred, NY area. Prime names include Clifford Burdick, Dighton Burdick, Richard Burdick, Benjamin Burdick, Vernon Burdick, Stephen Clarke Burdick, Thomas Burdick, Gerald Burdick, Clinton Burdick, Harold Ormond Burdick, William Burdick, Jane Nancy Burdick, Alpheus Burdick Kenyon, Carey Burdick, Johnathan Allen, Milo Palmer, Robert Burdick, DeForest Truman, John Jake Merrill, Daniel Rase, Margaret Wingate Rase, Oliver Daniel Burdick, Adelaide Burdick Sheldon, Hiram Palmer Burdick, Isaac Burdick, Harold Moland.

Burdicks, Brewsters, and Hubbards: Compiled by Patricia Curran in 2015; the material includes information on the early Burdick, Brewster, and Hubbard families that settled in the colonies: Mary Wentworth Brewster, Lettie Elizabeth Burdick Jacox, William Brewster, Robert Burdick, Thomas Hubbard, Tasy Cooper Hubbard; it also includes family history on various descendants of Robert Burdick, primarily those in the Alfred, NY area: Thomas Thompson Burdick, Nancy Lanphear Burdick, Mary Woolworth Burdick, Maxon Burdick, Martha Compton Burdick, Merton Coon, Maybelle Collins Burdick, E. Burdette Burdick, Frances Laura Etta Kemp, Frank Burdick, Joanne Nye Burdick.

Cornelius Family: Compiled by Patricia Curran, the material covers 9 generations of the Cornelius Family in Alfred, NY and Allegany County, NY. Included are photos, stories and family genealogies. Names include (but are not limited to): Cornelius Mattice, Jemima Cornelius, Isaac Cornelius, John Cornelius, Gabriel Cornelius, Edith Cornelius Jacox, Elmer Ellsworth, Delilah Jones Cornelius, Frank S. Cornelius, Georgia Wahl Cornelius, and their families.

Curran Family: Compiled by Patricia Curran, the material covers her own story plus that of the Curran Family of Alfred, NY. Included are stories, photos, and family genealogies, as well as a history of an 1870s building on Main Street, Alfred, owned by the Curran family, that was lost in a 2009 fire. Names include (but are not limited to): Patricia Spaine Harvey Curran, Jack Crusen Harvey, Martin Timothy Curran, Emmy Curran, and their families.

Greenman Family: The Jesse Mason Greenman Family Genealogy by Frank L. Nelson (compiled in 1973). [Available in the digital repository]

Howell and Mees: “The Life and Adventures of Susan Marguerite Howell and Arthur Mees, 1950-1952” by their great-nephew Arthur Mees. Includes biographical material, photos, stories and correspondence.

Jacox Family: Compiled by Patricia Curran, the material covers 9 generations of the Jacox family (mostly in Alfred, NY) and includes stories, photos, and family genealogies. Names include (but are not limited to): David Jacox, John Sidney Jacox, William Henry Jacox, Lettie Elizabeth Burdick, Irene Jacox Evans, Clarence Jacox, Richard Pierce, George Maxson Jacox, Esther Mae Jacox Sadler, John Woolworth Jacox, Catherine Shaw Stillman Jacox, Fern Jacox Snyder, Earnest Snyder, Eva Alberta Jacox, Bernice Lucille Jacox Pierce, Veola Louise Sadler Gordon Probasco, Ralph F. Jacox, Vinna Ersley Jacox, Jean Palmer Snyder, and the Snyder family of Alfred, NY.

Kruson Family: 13 generations beginning with Joseph Kruson.

Maxson Family: ‘Maxson Family of Rhode Island’ by H.E. Johnston and Olive Maxson Jones. ‘Maxson Family’ by W.L. and M.T. Brown, 1940.

Place Family History: Covers the Place family from 1631 to the mid-1900s. Written by Audrey Place in 1984. Traces the family line of Enoch Place through twelve generations (Enoch, Thomas, Thomas Jr., Thomas III, Philip, Rodman, Alvin, Frederick, George and his descendants.) Most family lived in either Rhode Island or Allegany County, NY.

Proctor Family & Spaine Family: Compiled by Patricia Curran, the material covers 7 generations of the Proctor and Spaine families, and includes photos and genealogies. Names include (but are not limited to): Pauline Marion Proctor Spaine, Alfred Proctor, Sarahette Spencer Proctor, Michael Spaine, Ellen Kinnary Spaine, Thomas J. Spaine, Sarah Martin Spaine, and their families.

Slingerland Family: Pedigree Chart beginning with Susan A. Slingerland, tracing her ancestry through the Slingerland, Crandall and Hallenbeck families. Pertinent to Alfred University because Susan Slingerland, who married William T. Howell, was the mother of Susan Howell, a major benefactor to the university.

Waight, Crusen and Harvey: Compiled by Patricia Curran in 2013, the book includes information, stories and photos of the Waight, Crusen/Krusen, and Harvey families in the Alfred and Almond (Allegany County, NY) area.

Young Family: Descendent report and family group sheet for Rev. William Montgomery Young (many were graduated from Alfred University); also a story written by his daughter Ruth Young Fischer that gives insight into her family.