The American Association of Publishers suggests that the following information be included in a permission request letter in order to expedite the process:

Title, author and/or editor, and edition of material to be duplicated.

Exact material to be used giving total number of pages duplicated, page numbers, chapters and, if possible, a photocopy of the material.

Number of copies to be made.

Use to be made of duplicated materials.

Form of distribution (classroom, newsletter, etc.).

Whether or not the material is to be sold.

Type of reprint (photocopy, offset, typeset).

The request should be sent, together with a self-addressed return envelope, to the permissions department of the publisher in question. If the address of the publisher does not appear at the front of the material, it may be readily obtained in a publication entitled THE LITERARY MARKETPLACE published by the R. R. Bowker Company and available at Herrick (Ref. PN 161 .L5).

The process of granting permission requires time for the publisher to check the status of the copyright and to evaluate the nature of the request. Allow enough lead time to obtain permission before the materials are needed. In some instances, the publisher may assess a fee for the permission; it is not inappropriate to pass this fee on to the students who receive copies of the photocopied material.

Sample Letter to Copyright Owner (Publisher) Requesting Permission to Copy


Material Permissions Department
Hypothetical Book Company
500 East Avenue
Chicago , Illinois 60601

Dear Sir or Madam:

I would like permission to copy the following for continued use in my classes in future semesters:

Title: Learning is Good, Second Edition
Copyright: Hypothetical Book Co., 1965, 1971
Author: Frank Jones 
Material to be duplicated: Chapters 10, 11 and 14 (photocopy enclosed)
Number of copies: 500
Distribution: The material will be distributed to students in my classes and they will pay only the cost of the photocopying.
Type of reprint: Photocopy
Use: The chapter will be used as supplementary teaching materials 

I have enclosed a self-addressed envelope for your convenience in replying to this request.


Faculty Member