The Jean B. Lang Local History Collection focuses primarily on the history of the village of Alfred, NY and contains a wide variety of material and formats (photographs, ephemera, lantern slides, objects, etc.). Compiled over the years by members of the Alfred Historical Society (now defunct), it honors Jean B. Lang, a longtime member of the society and curator of the collection as well as the Alfred town historian. 

Originally, the collection was named the Jean B. Lang Western New York Historical Collection and was housed at Alfred State College. It contained historical and genealogical materials covering the histories of Alfred, Allegany County, and western New York State. When the collection was transferred in 2016 to Alfred University, the material representing Allegany County and western New York State was separated and now resides with the Allegany County Historical Society.

The next thing a student needs to do is to search for thematic literature. The implementation of the abstract requires the use of not only textbooks, but also various journal articles, monographs. To make it easier to understand all the variety of available sources, you can make bookmarks with notes or save texts for individual structural parts in different documents with the appropriate names - "developments for the introduction" or "developments for the second chapter". By typing on a computer, the source material is reprinted in your own words. The teacher needs to understand that the student not only worked with the sources, but was able to form his own point of view. In addition to the competent internal content, the abstract must be well prepared.