Borrowers must have a valid Herrick Library account and must present a photo ID, which will be held until the laptop is returned. We reserve the right to deny laptop privileges to patrons who violate the Laptop Lending Policy

Laptops are provided on a first-come, first-served basis at the front desk of Herrick library. At the end of the two-hour lending period, you may renew the laptop if no other users are waiting. Either bring the laptop to the front desk or call the front desk at 607-871-2184.

Laptops may be used in the library only. Borrowers must abide by the University’s policy on the use of computing facilities. Laptops should not be altered in anyway.

Saving files
Anything saved to the laptops will be deleted when it is returned to the front desk. Some options for saving work are: save it to your U: drive; save it to a USB Flash Drive; save it to CD/DVD; or e-mail documents to yourself as attachments. Save your work early and often.

The library assumes no responsibility for lost files due to viruses, hardware failure, power failure, or network interruptions.

Loan period
The loan period is two hours.

Liability and responsibilities of borrowers
The borrower is responsible if the laptop is lost, stolen, or damaged. Don’t leave the laptop unattended; if necessary, return it to the front desk for safekeeping.

You agree to assume liability for the cost of repair or replacement in the event of loss due to theft, damage, negligence or misuse. Laptops 24 hours overdue will be considered lost. A repair fee maybe is charged if you damage the laptop.

Equipment problems
Please report any problems to library staff. Do not attempt to make repairs yourself.