Printing in Herrick Library

Student printing in Herrick Library is managed by a software program called PaperCut. When you log into a library computer, you should automatically connect to the PaperCut client. Herrick laptops are an exception; to connect to PaperCut you must first use a desktop icon to launch the printing application.

More information about the University's print management program, including the costs associated with printing in black-and-white and color, is available here.

Individuals who are not affiliated with Alfred University must pay for printing. A front desk staff member will log you into a library computer. When you send a job to print, you will be notified of the cost and asked to pay for the copies at the front desk. Once you have paid, the print job will be released. 


To print in Herrick or any of the campus computer labs, choose the “AUPrint” printer. Once you have sent your document to the printer, you can release the job at any of the public printers by swiping a fob or entering your Alfred username and password. More detailed instructions are available here.

copiers scanners

Following are locations of printers in Herrick. You can release your document to any of them:

  • Information Commons on the main floor
  • Computer Lab on the main floor
  • 24-Hour Study Room on the ground floor

Color Printing

To print in color, change the document settings from black-and-white to color before sending the document to print. You will receive a warning that you are printing in color and information about the cost.

Printing from Personal Computers

To print from a personal computer, go to and sign in with your Alfred username and password. Choose “Web Print” from the left-hand menu. Follow the prompts to upload and print your document. Release the document at any of the campus public printers.

For further information, see the Web Print Instructions.


The library has three scanners:

  • A scanning station in the learning commons that can be used to quickly scan to email or to GoogleDrive
  • A flatbed scanner in the learning commons that can be used for high-quality image scanning (Photoshop Elements is installed on the PC)
  • A flatbed scanner in the 24-Hour Study Room with a document feeder

Notice Regarding Copyright

The copyright law of the United States (Title 17, U.S. Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material. Person using library equipment are liable for any infringement.