Housed at Herrick Memorial Library is the manuscript collection of Robert Littell, famed American author and 1956 graduate of Alfred University. Littell specializes in spy novels and resides in France.

Listing of manuscripts:

Title Box
Allegra 1
The Amateur 2
Bubba 3
The Debriefing 4
The Defection of A.J. Lewinter 5
Mother Russia 6
The October Circle (A) 7
The October Circle (B) 8
The Once and Future Spy 9
The Revolutionist (A) 10
The Revolutionist (B) 11
The Revolutionist (C ) 12
Shadow 81 13
The Sisters 14
Sweet Reason 15
The Company 17
Legends 18
Vicious Circle 19

While Herrick Memorial Library is the repository for Robert Littell’s manuscripts, it does not hold the literary rights; they are retained by the author.